For BMG Clients ONLY - When scheduling your session with L Morgan, make sure to select Agency Referral and include that you're with BMG - so she will know to honor this rate. Please understand the session is at a DISCOUNTED rate and does not allow the flexibility of the standard LOFT or PENTHOUSE Sessions. There will be no other reductions. 

$500 | Headshot/Commercial Session
Includes: up to 3 Looks | 10 Retouched Edits Included. 
(Additional Edits $25/each)

The BMG Session is a HEADSHOT based shoot that may include a few Commercial/Lifestyle shots and/or Body/Physique (for Male Models/Actors).  We will work in up to 2 different locations - this may include indoor/outdoor.  

Please apply whatever description (or combination of them) that most corresponds to your gender identity. Thanks!

FEMALE IDENTIFYING/NB/GNC:  For headshots, I prefer to work with ladies who are comfortable doing their own makeup/hair. Who will be walking into the audition room? Our goal is to show a clean, clear version of THAT. I understand that I am a rare bird in the city to not insist on you hiring "My Artist" but honestly look at the work on my website. Do the images speak to you? If so, more often than not, there was no Makeup Artist present. If you can do your face everyday, you can do it for my session. The more low maintenance, the easier it will be to get YOU in the image vs. a clear, professionally beat version that you might not be able to recreate in an audition room. 

MALE IDENTIFYING/NB/GNC: Unless you have very discolored or damaged skin, I discourage using makeup  - UNLESS you wear it everyday. If you are someone that rocks makeup daily, by all means, yes, wear it in your session - but you will not need an Artist to be present. Some guys feel comfortable with a little concealer under their eyes or to hide small blemishes and that's fine - as long as it looks like you. It is one of my biggest pet peeves to see men who would not wear makeup everyday, wearing it in their headshot. 

I'm looking for the FULL ESSENCE OF YOU. That's it. I understand this approach will NOT work for some ladies...but it is my process. Again, look at the work, if it's how you'd like to be seen, amazing, let's play! If not, that's what shopping for a photographer is about. Perhaps we are not a perfect fit. I'm an actor as's important to me that you work with the photographer whose work speaks to you. 

AFTER THE SHOOT | "So...what now?"
Within two weeks after the shoot, you will receive a link to view your proofs. It typically includes between 150-350 pictures depending on the type of session. You can share this with agents, colleagues, etc and have them help you to make your final selections. Please note images will be low resolution and watermarked: "PROOF". They are rough drafts on the route to your final edited/polished images. If there are a few proofs that you'd like to use for your website, social media, etc. please let me know the file numbers and I'll send them your way in a bit more cleaned up, slightly larger low resolution files. 

SOCIAL MEDIA: Please note the images you receive will look great but they are unretouched. There is no polish on them. Please remember this when you share online or on social media. I ask that you keep it to 10-15 max of your favorite images instead of posting huge chunks of your session. Quality control is key. You only want to be seen in your best light right? 

RETOUCHING | "It's Headshots, not plastic surgery!"
It is important that a headshot looks like YOU. Retouching consists of Basic blemish/acne removal, a touch of teeth whitening, Eye brightening, some small contrast/color things here and there. If you have wrinkles, I can soften hard lines, but they will still be there. It's headshots, not plastic surgery. You will need to send retouch requests to L Morgan within 1 month after your session. The number of photos you select is based on the package you selected (5th Floor Walkup, Artist Loft, etc.) Once you've made your selections, please email the file numbers (IMG_xxxx) or send the Favorites list from the gallery and we're in business!


Once you’ve received your proofs, a USB 2.0 Flash Drive can be burned of the high res images for you to have. You will need to pick this drive up from my space. You can also opt to receive the files digitally - via dropbox. Then you will be able to download them directly to your computer or hard drive.  I will only hold on to your shoot for roughly 6-8 months, so if you plan on going back in and getting more edits later, this might be a good idea. 

Get the process moving quickly! With this you will receive your proofs gallery within 2 business days after your shoot.


In order to hold an appointment time, ALL bookings require a $100 non-refundable deposit. Deposits are non-refundable and applied towards the total cost of your session. The balance is due at the time of your session.

Same day cancellations and no-shows forfeit deposit. In the event that you need to reschedule, we are happy to do so ONE time without losing your deposit.  The second time you reschedule the same appointment, you will lose your initial deposit and will have to put a new deposit to hold another date on the calendar. We ask that you give us the courtesy of 48 hours from your appointment for rescheduling to allow us to potentially book another client during that time. If the reschedule is less than 48 hours prior to your session, you will lose your deposit. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances which will be decided by BLUE Photography. Illness and weather conditions are understandable if the rescheduling time is less than 48 hours.

**Please note: There are NO REFUNDS after headshots have been taken.**